Tips to grow a small penis

SmallĀ Penis sizeĀ is a topic that, sadly to guys who don’t feel they are of the right size, cause sexuality problems. There are many natural products that are available and which you can use. Many men choose supplements as they are believed to naturally increase small penis size with the power of herbs in them. They…

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The benefits of a bigger penis

A man must be pretty sure to know that having a bigger and thicker penis raises his self esteem when it comes to sexual intercourse as the feeling is awesome and he know he has nothing to fear during these sexual acts. Secondly many women have also stated that they experience more pleasure and satisfaction….

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Battle of the week: Herbs vs Extender

Herbal Male Enhancement Supplements Vs Extender Devices!!!! Only a few widely accepted methods of male enhancement are available to us today, and of these, herbal male enhancement is in some ways the newest and in others the oldest, as many remedies have been practiced for centuries. Today’s battle aims to examine how herbal male enhancement…

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