The benefits of a bigger penis

The benefits of a bigger penis

A man must be pretty sure to know that having a bigger and thicker penis raises his self esteem when it comes to sexual intercourse as the feeling is awesome and he know he has nothing to fear during these sexual acts.
women prefer bigger penis
Secondly many women have also stated that they experience more pleasure and satisfaction.
  1. Boosts your confidence:  Most men who are gifted with a big penis feel superior while performing and this raises his confidence and it makes him feel powerful.   When you are sexually content, you become more outgoing and can socialize with women at ease.
  2. Improves your sexual act:  Men with small penis feel insecure and inferior compared to men with bigger penis as they cannot reach deep into the woman’s vagina.  Men with bigger penis have more control and are able to deliver his semen further into the woman’s vagina and are able to last longer in bed.
  3. With a longer penis you can reach her G-spot and provides more friction to her clitoris which enables her to reach orgasm and this satisfies a woman completely.
 There are various ways to increase penis size but the safest way is penis enlargement herbal pills which increase the length as well as the girth safely and effectively.

What women want when it comes to penis size

There is no women out there that wants or dreams about a guy with a small penis, there’s nothing exciting about sleeping with a man who doesn’t measure up in the bedroom.


Most women are content with an averaged size penis, if a man knows how to use it he can satisfy a women.

All women fantasize about a powerful man with a large penis who will seduce them and satisfy their every sexual need. Women are naturally attracted to men who are confident, in control and powerful. It’s said that a woman will be able to tell the size of your penis after talking to you for just a few minutes.

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