Battle of the week: Herbs vs Extender

Battle of the week: Herbs vs Extender

Herbal Male Enhancement Supplements Vs Extender Devices!!!!

Only a few widely accepted methods of male enhancement are available to us today, and of these, herbal male enhancement is in some ways the newest and in others the oldest, as many remedies have been practiced for centuries. Today’s battle aims to examine how herbal male enhancement stacks up against extender devices.


Extender devices can be beneficial for men who simply want to see additional length. With consistency and dedication, extender devices can help in this quest for most men. They can also help to correct penile curvature (or Peyronie’s disease).
The main objective of this device is to try and break down your penile tissue cells so that new increased cells can be formed. This change can lead to an expansion of our penis chambers. So that during erections more blood can fill these chambers, which will mean the penis is longer and thicker. This device has been used as an effective form of male enhancement by men all over Europe. In months of using the extender it can make your penis increase in size. A few men did complain of discomfort and pain but they might have bought a cheaper or bad quality version.

Penis extenders and stretchers. The use of a natural penis extender can help to make your penis several inches longer and thicker. The effectiveness of the method was proved by the usage of penis scratchers by African tribes and modern clinical studies. The testimonials of the men who have used such tools for male enhancement, prove that they really work.
Unfortunately, they can also cause damage, including torn fascia, numbness, red spots, erection problems, and pain. The devices can also be uncomfortable and awkward to use, and many men find them embarrassing. Extender devices will not help men changes in width; nor will they help facilitate improved sexual function in men.

Male enhancement pills usually rely on a combination of herbs. These herbs have been used for many, many years to enhance male performance. Potent herbs, as they balance the hormones level and stimulate the creation of testosterone and other hormones connected with sexual arousal and power.


Nowadays natural supplements of all types are easy to buy and some of them really deserve their popularity, as many anti-constipation and ED natural treatment, as well as natural cleansers, have no analogs in their quality, safety and effectiveness.
With herbal male enhancement, improved sexual function is one of the highlights of the remedy. The medicinal ingredients in herbal male enhancement supplements are proven to increase circulation and blood flow (and thus fullness of erections), as well as libido, or desire for sex. Erection control is also commonly cited as a benefit of herbal male enhancement – meaning greater control during intercourse and far fewer instances of premature ejaculation. The sexual experience is also more powerful (i.e., stronger orgasms) with herbal male enhancement.


And the WINNER IS ……. Natural Supplements for penis grow!!!

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