How to increase penis size naturally and safe?

How to increase penis size naturally and safe?

If your self-esteem is minimal as a result of size of your penis and do not wish to take prescribed medicines. Then below are a few ways to help you increase penis size naturally to safely enlarge your penis such as:

Learn The Jelq Exercise

Jelqing is regarded as the oldest and most popular strategy to naturally increase penis size. You can conduct this exercise by making a circle (kind of like an OK sign) using your own thumb and forefinger.

After that grab your penis with this position up to the pubic bone after which stroke all the way down to the head (much like milking a cow). Then, perform the same motion making use of your other hand. Perform the process 100 to 500 times based on the condition of your penis.

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Jelqing has been employed for over five thousands years to increase penis size naturally to safely enlarge the penis.

Practice Kegel

This technique is intended to enhance your PC (pubococcygeus muscle) muscle’s strength, making it possible for you to prevent premature ejaculations and to last longer during sexual intercourse. You can do this by tightening your PC muscle for 10 to 15 seconds and then relaxing after that. It is similar to you are trying to stop your self from peeing.

Shave Your Pubic Hair

Not only will it provide the amazing illusion that the penis is larger than it actually is but it is hygienic too. It is an instant action that provides surprisingly good looking results.

Lose Weight

This approach to increase penis size is only for those who are overweight or obese. Research shows that the more obese an individual is, the smaller his penis can be due to the fact that excess weight may put the body under lots of stress and pressure thus making your penis shrink (seriously guys!). Researchers say that for every excess of thirty pounds on your body about ? – 1 inch of your penis will retract.

Eat Right

Keep away from fatty foods as they can clog arteries and inhibit blood flow. As much as you are able to, make an effort to eat a lot of veggies, fruits, nuts, seeds, oily fish and poultry (skinless, of course). It’s also wise to drink a minimum of two litres of water each day to help get rid of toxins from your body. Eat right, lose weight and increase penis size (it is very simple).


Working out increases the flow of blood going into your penis which in turn will extend its tissues and cells and enlarge your penis with time.

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The most popular method to enlarge penis size naturally is to use all natural male enhancement pills which improve blood flow to the penis for thicker, fuller, firmer and longer lasting erections using herbal extracts.

The most effective male enhancement pills companies offer free trials of their products because they know once you have tried them for free you will come back for more later on when you see you increase penis size.

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