3 Steps to Last Longer in Bed Tonight

3 Steps to Last Longer in Bed Tonight

Many guys struggle with premature ejaculation. When a guy is unable to hold his orgasm, it can cause distress to him, his sexual partner and it can put a damper on any sexual good time. Some guys, in a desperate effort to last in bed longer, resort to taking drugs, over the counter vitamin aids and some go even further than that. Some guys try harming themselves and their penis in an effort to delay the orgasm just a little bit longer.

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If you want to last longer in bed tonight, you only need three simple steps.

1. Mind Control Premature ejaculation isn’t always controlled by your mind, but much of it is. If you can learn to recognize the feeling when you are about to orgasm, you can train yourself to back off so that you don’t fully commit.

You can use a partner (which is always more fun) or you can do the following exercise on your own. Have a partner stimulate you or stimulate yourself until you feel the first hint that an orgasm is imminent. Do this again and again until you know that feeling well. This will take some getting used to. Once you recognize that feeling of pressure, the feeling that you’re about to blow, ease off and then go again. When you’re having sex, this feeling usually comes on so fast that you don’t have time to react. With enough practice, you’ll feel the orgasmic pressure long before it affects you, allowing you to control the orgasm and last longer in bed.

2. Hormonal Control If you have the means, you might want to get your hormones tested. There may be several factors contributing to your premature ejaculation problems and hormonal issues may be one of them.┬áIf you can’t get tested, try to keep your hormones in balance by eating a balanced diet, drinking lots of water, taking vitamins and easing off the booze, drugs and other external factors that may be playing a part. Most guys, when wondering how to last longer in bed naturally, never think about their hormones and how they might be contributing to their premature ejaculation problem. It could be an issue of what you’re eating, it could be a chemical imbalance that is more or less hereditary or it could be environmental factors. Learn to balance your hormones and you’ll not only feel better, but you just might find yourself lasting longer in bed tonight.

3. Physical Control Just like the above exercise, physical control is about training your body to stave off orgasm until you are ready. Have a partner stimulate you or stimulate yourself until you recognize the feeling of orgasm coming on. If you want to learn how to last longer in bed, you’ll learn to recognize that feeling and then you’ll want to clamp down on your pelvic muscles, the same ones you might use to cut off the flow of urine. This is going to take lots of practice. Good thing practicing feels so good.

This is going to seem counter intuitive at first, especially if you are masturbating. When we masturbate, we tend to want to get things over with. We don’t have time to diddle ourselves all day. Therefore, most of us train ourselves to prematurely ejaculate. This exercise will help you last longer in bed naturally by training your body to orgasm when it is ready and not a moment before. Train yourself to go to the edge and then back off gradually. Eventually, you’ll be able to stop completely just by cutting off the flow with your muscles. You can last longer in bed tonight if you just practice the above techniques. If you want to last in bed longer, train your mind, body and make sure your hormones are balanced as they should be.

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