Why Is It Hard To Make My Penis Hard: Leading Causes and Tips To Treat Erectile Dysfunction

Why Is It Hard To Make My Penis Hard: Leading Causes and Tips To Treat Erectile Dysfunction

Understanding erectile dysfunction is to have basic knowledge on how a man’s penis gets into work. What is going on with your penis is what makes you wonder why at times it is hard but why most of the time it has brought you shame. Erection is a complex process and not as simple as it sounds since a lot of contributing factors is in play. It can only happen when all the system in your body is effectively working. What your partner sees there standing firm is a visible sign that you do have the nervous, respiratory and cardiovascular system working well. Erection is sensitive to touch, sound and sight. The soft feel of your partner’s skin, her romantic voice that is so inviting, her sweet perfume and the sight of her ready for that intimate moment sends signals to your brain and goes back again to the many working nerves and veins surrounding your manhood. Erectile dysfunction is due to these 2 major causes:1.) Psychological factorsAnxiety, depression, low self-esteem triggers erectile dysfunction.

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Among these are:* Sulking with the loss of a spouse.* Insecure of having a small penis size and constantly worrying that the female partner might get unsatisfied and leave.* Getting burned out at work leaving no time for intimacy with the spouse.* Constantly feeling undesirable about one’s self* Piled up debts and credit card bills2.) Physical factorsHealth problems take the most out of a man’s sexual energy.

Among these are:* Respiratory diseases* Liver disorders* Poor heart condition* High blood pressure and poor blood circulation* High cholesterol* Kidney failure* Prostate cancer* Diabetes (Diabetes alone can lead you to a lot of complications such as kidney failure and blurred vision.)* Nervous system malfunction such as epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer and Parkinson’s disease. In some men, erectile dysfunction is normal as they age mainly because as men get older, the male hormone testosterone decreases and an evident slowing down of libido comes into picture. While knowing the above causes helps you handle your erectile dysfunction problem it is but wise to deal with it the soonest you can. Seek the help of a doctor near you and never experiment or do some self-medication. Or you may try doing these practical tips and learn some facts:* Switch to a fruit and vegetables diet. Probably the best way to cleanse your body by ridding yourself of toxins and restoring damaged cells and nerves.* Quit smoking.

A nicotine-free lifestyle saves you from ALL health problems. What should flow in your bloodstream are the nutrients you get from eating raw and fresh fruits and vegetables.* Drink moderately. While a bit of alcohol helps your body, too much of it causes a lot of health complications specially the liver.* Exercise.

This will help you regulate blood pressure and a great way to release toxins and nicotine from your body. As with all other things, anything in excess is harmful. Do not overdo exercise.* Penis size does not matter. As long as it is not too miniature and capable of penetration, it will please your partner.* Spend wisely. Spend no more than what you earn. Don’t get yourself a credit card if you have no means to pay for it. You don’t want the credit card company to keep ringing your telephone on the midst of your intimate moments.* Time management.

Leave some time for intimacy. Don’t waste all your energy at work. It’s your presence that matters to your wife and not your erection all the time.* Stop taking synthetic erection pills. Think only of the side effects these type of pills can give you.

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